Observership Program

Clínica Rementería:

Clinic does not offer any kind of official observership. Take into account that we cannot give you an official training certificate but a private one.

If you accept that condition, it would be a pleasure to accept you as an observer for a two week period. Please, let us know if you want to stay for a longer period of time to check the availability. You must be supervised by a physician (Dr Hurtado Ceña, FJ) during that period but you are free to learn according to your objectives.

Additional information:

  1. You will be able to have hands on patient contact with your supervisor approval.
  2. You will be introduced to every patient to get their approval to stay during the examination.
  3. You are welcome to observe in both operating theatre (with surgeon’s permission) and clinics and attend all education activities during your stay.
  4. You will not receive financial support but Clinica Rementería will not charge any fee for your stay.
  5. You must fill in the following documents:
    1. Observer application form. (pdf)
    2. Immunization form. (pdf)
    3. Confidential agreement. (pdf)
    4. Passport photocopy.
    5. Resume Curriculum vitae.

Please, email to these documents

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